Brace Yourselves… Registration is Coming... the NEW Longpoint™ Storefront

Longpoint 2015 Early Registration opens on December 3rd, in just under three weeks. To get ready, we have completely overhauled our registration process as one of many upgrades we’re making to the Longpoint™ experience. Previous years’ clunky configuration of PayPal buttons has been replaced with a new storefront which simplifies registration options and allows users to easily add in extras such as additional T-shirts or post-tournament banquets. All registration options, extras, and merchandise selected will be visible in a shopping cart prior to check out. 

The new storefront will also allow us to add in new merchandise this year, and put up and take down additional registration options based on availability, tournament caps, or stock.

Longpoint 2015 Registration Options

The pricing model for Longpont 2015 is similar (but not identical) to last year’s. As in 2014, base registration includes all classes and workshops (except cutting), use of open floor space, spectating for all competitions, one seat at the event banquet Saturday night, and one Longpoint 2015 T-shirt in a size of your choice.

Just like last year, we are selling 40 early bird registrations for $160 between December 3, 2014 and January 2, 2015. On January 3rd base registration goes up to $205. Base registration price will rise to $225 on May 1st and to $250 on July 1st  for those last-minute types. Our $10 registration discount for all Full/Voting HEMA Alliance Members applies on all base registration prices starting January 3rd, and a coupon code will be passed to the HEMA Alliance.

Weekend only registration is still just $125 and comes with everything that base registration does, though Weekend-only registrants will not be able to sign up for any competition except for the Rookie Training Tournament

Sunday's 3-hour Introduction to German Longsword Workshop is included in all base registration prices or can be registered for separately for just $50.

As in previous years, the Intro to Longsword cutting is an additional $20, added to any registration type. 

What about Tournaments?

In a slight change from last year, every individual tournament is a separate $20 line item in the store (i.e., base registration no longer includes one free tournament). Space in every tournament is limited, so we encourage competitors to sign up early. Qualifying teams and competitors are automatically enrolled in the Team Award competition and the Longpoint Triathlon at no additional cost.

How do you decide on pricing?

Every year, we have to balance the success of the previous year with the risk of shooting for the success of the previous year. This means that we account for every cost we incur on a spreadsheet, enter a line item for every source of income, and then balance the expenses and income based on about 60%-70% of our attendance from the previous year. During this process, 'nice-to-haves' get sectioned off from the expenses sheet in an effort to keep the event as cheap as reasonably possible. Once we hit our break-even point, and we are confident that we will, a majority of the funds that come in from that point forward get applied back to those 'nice-to-have' items that make the event run smoother and more professionally.

Using this method, we've always finished the event in the black and with enough money to seed the next year, which is exactly what we want.


We are going to attempt something new this year with shirts. Along with being able to order extra shirts through the item in the store, we are offering to ship shirts, after the event, to anyone who cannot attend or cannot convince someone to bring their shirt back to them. We have had multiple requests over the years to buy our shirts from people who could not make it. We will also be looking into offering a women's and wicking version of the event shirt.

There are a few other store items that we are looking into including, and we will announce them if they get added!


Anything Else?

Refunds will be available until February 28th, 2015. For purchases made after February 28th, refunds will be processed if submitted within 7 days of purchase.

In the coming weeks we will release planned changes to our rules sets and a sense of our vision for where these changes might go in 2016.

To see the new Longpoint storefront before it opens on December 3rd, click here. All details subject to change without notice (though we’ll try really hard not to do that and to give lots of warning if we need to).

~The Longpoint 2015 Crew