Tournament Capacity: Turning It Up To 11

For both of the last two years, we have set maximum capacities on all of our tournament events. None of them were hit in 2013, and only about half of the events had registration close in 2014. Even then, they closed much further into the registration process. With the massively increased interest this year, the caps are drawing close at an uncomfortable pace. Each individual Tournament Registration item available in the store only has a limited amount of stock set to it, with the max stock noted on the item as follows:

  • Open Steel Longsword - Max: 84
  • Women's Steel Longsword - Max: 24
  • Cutting Competition - Max: 40
  • Paired Technique - Max: 36
  • Ringen - Max: 40
  • Sword and Buckler - Max: 32
  • Rapier - Max: 32
  • Rookie Training Tournament - Max: 24

We figure out these numbers by multiplying a 'worse case' average amount of time it takes for each match by the number of matches, then comparing them to the hours allocated to the event on the schedule. Some of these caps might end up being raised as we finalize the schedule, and space might open up closer to the date as people drop out of events as they do every year. However, we can't guarantee this. Right now, there are less than 5 spaces left in a few of our events. 

What if I wanted to sign up for the Triathlon?

It isn't implemented yet, but we have left space in the non-Open Longsword Triathlon events to allow for Triathlon competitors. For instance, once cutting has reached its capacity, anyone who wants to compete in the Triathlon will be allowed to sign up for cutting. Open Steel Longsword IS a hard cap. Once we reach 84 in that event, no one else can sign up for the Triathlon. 

Registration has been open for a week, and we already have over 80 people registered. It took us almost a full month last year to reach that number, and we haven't even gotten all of our instructors and staff added to the registration list yet. The event is growing immensely, but our ring time hasn't. Competition slots are going fast.

What if I miss out on competition slots?

Fortunately, Longpoint isn't all about the competition. We offer four workshops and are currently planning to offer 10 classes and three lectures. We also offer ample space to train with your far-flung HEMA friends. Over the next few months, we will be announcing the rest of the classes and activities.

~Ben Michels and the Longpoint 2015 Crew