Shortpoint 2015 - March 14th

Shortpoint 2015 has been scheduled and the registration page is up!

Registration Link

Shortpoint is an effort by the Longpoint crew to provide a cheap, single-day get together for regional HEMA practitioners to train, test rules, educate staff and share ideas. It gets back to the roots of the original Mid-Atlantic HEMA Gathering from 2010.

This single day event will feature:

  • A test of changes to the Longpoint rule sets for 2015.
  • A return of the chip-based Longsword tournament from 2014. Each participant is given poker chips. Poker chips are given away to other fighters who 'win' in self-selected sparring matches throughout the day. Additionally, everyone will vote for who they thought was both the most fun and the most technical fighter they faced through the day. Near the end of the day, an 8 person bracket will be constructed using the winners of the votes, and the people with the most chips.
  • Scheduled and impromptu classes
  • Sparring all day

Shortpoint is a very informal event with a loose schedule. It is best considered a day of impromptu training with 50 people more so than an event. Half of the area is used to test rules for Longpoint, while the other half switches between small classes and open sparring.

The event does not currently have a participation limit set, but we had 55 people attend last year and space was an issue. We have a larger space this year, yet may still need to set a limit as we work out plans. Register soon if you would like to attend!

~Longpoint 2015 Crew