Wiktenauer Fundraiser


The Wiktenauer is the most important online presence within the historical European martial arts space. It serves the thousands of us who don't have direct access to museums or skills in transcription or translation by providing the source material we use to validate our art and theories. It also serves as a professional, legitimizing resource to show the public and the media that we're not making this up as we go.

I am confident that without Wiktenauer, all of our groups and events would not have seen as much growth we have seen over the last five years. Even when I stopped being directly involved in the project a few years ago, we were seeing thousands of unique visitors a month. A notable portion of these visitors were authors, gamers, historians, reenactors, and simply people with an interest in history who found the wiki through Google searches. This material excites people, especially when they have no idea it exists.

Last year, the wiki fundraiser brought in more than expected, providing an excellent avenue for acquiring and making available new material. This year, Michael Chidester has ambitious plans to keep moving down that path with an impressive list of targets. He is providing desirable rewards all through the donation levels to reach this.

Growing Wiktenauer grows HEMA. This is about more than just keeping the servers running, which I have no doubt the generosity of the HEMA community will provide. Open and easy access to all of the source material currently available to the community was the original goal of the wiki. Michael has blown through that milestone and is now offering opportunities that used to take years of careful maneuvering and contacts, ignoring the thousands of dollars usually required. Please consider helping us barrel through his initial goal, making it deep into the stretch goals.


Ben Michels 
Longpoint Event Manager
Wiktenauer Founder