The purpose of this tournament is to create a venue in which the many of the friendlier (nonlethal or debilitating), standing wrestling techniques of 15th and 16th century Europe can be practiced in a competition. The rules have been written to allow the use of as many techniques from medieval wrestling sources as possible while discouraging the use of modern actions not found in the historical sources.

This tournament is focused on standing techniques only and does not take into consideration actions that may occur on the ground. For this event, all throws should place a fighter in a dominant position over his opponent.

Weight Classes:
nder 140
Under 160
Under 180
Under 200

Longpoint 2017 Ringen Rules

Ringen: Light Weight
Gold: Mikael Widegren, GHFS, Sweden
Silver: Dustin Reagan, Redlands Fencing Center, USA
Bronze: Bill Grandy, Virginia Academy of Fencing, USA

Ringen: Welterweight 
Gold: Doug Bahnick, Virginia Academy of Fencing, USA
Silver: Casper Andersen, Triangle Sword Guild, USA
Bronze: Steven Hirsch, Athena School of Arms, USA

Ringen: Middle Weight 
Gold: Jerry Toussaint, Wu Tan, Canada
Silver: Sam Street, Schwert am Schwert, USA
Bronze: Kevin Comer, Virginia Academy of Fencing, USA

Ringen: Open/Heavyweight 
Gold: Sean Franklin, Blood & Iron Martial Arts, Canada
Silver: Hank McLemore, Virginia Academy of Fencing, USA
Bronze: Keith Cotter Reilly, Atlanta Freifechter, USA