Auxiliary Tournaments

Every year, Longpoint makes changes to the event lineup in an attempt to showcase the many approaches to HEMA out there. On various years and in varying combinations, we have offered Dussack, Sabre, Sword and Buckler, and Singlestick. Sometimes these events pull from the core Longpoint rule set, and other times they're unique.

This year, 2017, we will be attempting a new approach. With the success of the invitational Sabre format in 2016, we will be running four Auxiliary tournaments instead of one, larger secondary tournament. We will be hosting Rapier & Dagger, Sword & Buckler, Messer, and Singlestick.

Longpoint 2017 Rapier & Dagger Rules

Longpoint 2017 Sword & Buckler, Messer, and Singlestick Rules (Updated to v 1.1 with changes to Singlestick and a minor scoring clarification)

2014 Medalists

Open Steel Messer
Gold: Axel Pettersson, GHFS, Sweden
Silver: Sean Franklin, Blood & Iron Martial Arts, Canada
Bronze: Doug Bahnick, Virginia Academy of Fencing, USA

Single Stick
Gold: Lee Smith, Blood and Iron Martial Arts, Canada
Silver: Axel Pettersson, GHFS, Sweden
Bronze: Jake Norwood, Capital Kunst des Fechtens, USA