Introduction to Test-Cutting with the Longsword

Introduction to Test-Cutting with the Longsword


Note: You may only register for one cutting class, not both. You must be registered for Longpoint to attend this class.

This workshop will begin with an overview on the methodology of test-cutting as well as a brief lecture on the mechanics of effective cutting, progress to basic group exercises to explore these mechanics, and culminate with individual attention and feedback given to the student as they cut tatami targets. Descending diagonal cuts (i.e. Oberhau / fendente) will be the primary focus, as the principles employed there can later be extrapolated to all other cuts. Those with more experience will also be given an opportunity to examine other strikes in their chosen system. For students with little or no experience with test-cutting.

Equipment necessary: blunt sword is needed and your own sharp sword is recommended but optional

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