Longpoint 2019 Registration


Longpoint 2019 Registration

from 250.00

Refunds are available until December 31st. After this date, refunds will only be available if requested within two weeks of registering.

Longpoint 2019 Registration - $250

  • Use of all training areas from Thursday morning to Sunday afternoon

  • All Classes (Except Cutting Class & Horsemanship Class available at a later date)

    Dinner tickets may not be available any longer. Please contact [email protected] after you order to inquire about this.

    T-Shirt orders are not longer available. A limited number will be available for purchase on site.

HEMA Alliance members get $10 off of registration. Please contact [email protected] after registration and we will process the refund. All requests will be verified with the HEMAA for active membership.

Meta-Event add-ons are available within this registration item. Note that Longsword Technique is formerly Paired Technique, and otherwise functions similarly but without a partner. You can find descriptions for all of the Meta-Events on the Events tab. The Meta-Events and their opening dates are as follows:

  • (SOLD OUT) Liechtenauer’s Heavy Pentathlon - Nov 7th, Noon EST - +$150

    • Passage at Arms, Longsword Blossfechten, Longsword Cutting, Longsword Technique, Ringen

  • (SOLD OUT) Liechtenauer’s Light Pentathlon - Nov 7th, Noon EST - +$150

    • Longsword Blossfechten, Messerfechten, Longsword & Messer Cutting, Longsword Technique, Ringen

  • Man-At-Arms’ Triathlon - Nov 8th, Noon EST - +$100

    • Passage at Arms, Longsword Cutting, Longsword Technique

  • (SOLD OUT) Messer Triathlon - Nov 9th, Noon EST - +$100

    • Messer Blossfechten, Messer Cutting, Ringen

  • (SOLD OUT) Longsword Triathlon - Nov 10th, Noon EST - +$100

    • Longsword Blossfechten, Longsword Technique, Longsword Cutting

If you are planning to register for a Meta-Event that is opening at a later date, please do not register yet. We will have to process a refund and have you re-register if this happens.

As the Meta-Events fill, Waiting List items will start to appear on the drop-down on this page. If you would like to be added to a waiting list for a full Meta-Event, please use this registration item. Note that being a part of a waiting list requires being registered for the event otherwise, and that refunds are not available after Dec 31st or outside of two weeks of your registration date, even if a slot does not open for you.

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