Longpoint 2017 Class Submission Form

This form allows instructors to submit their classes to the Longpoint staff for review. This gives us a larger pool of classes to choose from, rather than attempting to fill all of our spaces by contacting people directly, which generally results in contacting people we are already familiar with. Here are some points to consider before submitting this form:

  • Submission of a class is not a confirmation of being invited to host a class at Longpoint 2017. We will be reviewing all classes and choosing the most appropriate ones. There are many reasons we may pass on a class, including having already chosen too many similar classes or having filled the slots on the days you are available to teach. There is a second class description field included if you would like to submit two options. We will email anyone we would like to invite and will email everyone who submitted a class by the end of February if slots fill.
  • This class submission form will remain active until January 10th, 2017. Any submission that does not include a proper bio or class description will be rejected.
  • Instructors invited to teach at Longpoint are required to staff about 10 hours across the four days of the event, including any class time, in exchange for full registration compensation.
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