If you are interested in hosting a class at Longpoint 2017, please visit our Class Submission Form to submit a class. All submissions must be received by January 10th.

Special Classes

Cutting Class

Requirements: A blunt longsword (steel is preferred, but any waster is suitable); a sharp longsword (subject to approval by the instructor for safety concerns). An Albion Crecy loaner sharp will be available. 

The cutting class is meant to introduce longsword practitioners to the utility of test-cutting tatami for technique feedback and validation. Focus will be on body mechanics, particularly the generation of power and maintenance of edge alignment via hip rotation and subtleties of grip. Diagonal descending cuts (e.g. Oberhau) will be the primary focus, as the principles employed there can later be extrapolated to all other cuts; those who have attended this class previously will also be given an opportunity to examine other cuts, and/or combinations of cuts.

Introduction to Longsword

This class will give a novice a taste of the art of the longsword. Focusing on solid footwork, some of the the meisterhäue (hidden strikes) and the huten (guards), and langort (longpoint), the student will gain a better understand of the art that we practice. Following this class students will have a better understanding of just how effective of a weapon the longsword is, and how to best approach training in the future.

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