Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

What should I wear?

First and foremost this is a martial arts event focusing on Historical European Martial Arts. Wear athletic clothing and shoes. Your school’s/club’s/team’s uniform is appropriate and encouraged. Do not come in “garb” or costume, as this is not a living history, reenactment, or similar event.

All clothing should be clean.

What gear should I bring?

Bring weapon simulators appropriate to each class you wish to attend. Also bring extras to loan to others, especially when it comes to non-longsword weapons such as messers, rapiers, etc. Bring safety gear, especially your fencing mask or equivalent headgear, and extras to loan to others. Bring a water bottle. Make sure to label all of your equipment with your name or other identifier.

All gear should be clean and in good repair. No “sawtooth” edges, no broken blades, etc.

Can I invite spectators to the tournament?

Yes. Spectators will be allowed into the hall during tournament hours.

What about meals?

An event dinner will be available Saturday night after the finals. At this time, lunches and breakfasts are up to the attendees. We will be providing a welcome packet that includes information on local groceries, restaurants, and delivery as an alternative to the hotel restaurant.

I want to instruct, judge, or otherwise work on the staff…can I?

Maybe. Contact us at [email protected] to see if we’re still looking for qualified staff. Attendees who spend time as volunteer staff will receive a discount on admission or other benefits.

Who are Maryland KDF or the HEMA Alliance? Do I need to be involved with either?

While every attendee will have the chance to learn about and join the HEMA Alliance, no knowledge of, affiliation with, or favorable disposition towards is needed to fully participate in Longpoint.

I’m just a beginner. Will this all be over my head?

No! Longpoint is a perfect environment to “get into” the DC area and national HEMA scenes. Likewise, bold beginners are welcome to participate in the tournament; others will gain a great deal from watching the fights and rooting for your favorite fencer.

Are you really providing a sharp sword for students to cut with?