Longpoint Historical Fencing League

The Longpoint Historical Fenching League (LHFL) is an effort by the Longpoint crew to better serve the needs of our regional HEMA community. A league is a series of events that are tied together by a common, overall scoring system to determine the best performing fencers in each season. Our league has four main directives:

  1. Provide a cheap opportunity for regional fencers to come together to train multiple times per year. These events should be relatively easy to afford for most fencers who have the time to make the weekend trips.
  2. Be non-intrusive to the larger events that we all love. Along with being cheap, these events should not overlap large national events that many fighters in our region attend, allowing fighters who are active in national events to attend both.
  3. Provide an opportunity to train under multiple rules. The LHFS will host at least two different rule sets in any given season. Hosting clubs are free to choose which rules they would like to run. Longpoint rules, Nordic rules, 2011-style Longsword rules, modified versions of all of these, historical rule sets, reasonable experimental rules, etc.
  4. Encourage the growth of judging ability within our community by requiring that all participates in any given tournament also judge that tournament.

LHFL 2016-2017 Season Events

  • Wrathpoint - West Virginia - October 22nd
  • Flowerpoint - Pennsylvania - March 4th
  • Brokenpoint - Pennsylvania - April 22nd
  • Fechtschule New York - New York - To Be Announced