Longpoint 2015 Registration is Open!

With an anxious tap of a finger, the Longpoint store and registration options have gone live! All of the stock numbers in the store have been updated, and the back end is processing orders. The website has been updated to include all currently available information. As we go through the next few months, we will continue announcing instructors, making draft rules available, posting updates, and getting things organized.


The most important information right now, with early registration opening are the tournament caps. These caps are preliminary, and might not represent the actual caps. They may get raised later as we find we have time, or they may not.

  • Open Steel Longsword - Max: 84
  • Women's Steel Longsword - Max: 24
  • Cutting Competition - Max: 40
  • Paired Technique - Max: 36
  • Ringen - Max: 40
  • Sword and Buckler - Max: 20
  • Rapier - Max: 30
  • Rookie Training Tournament - Max: 24

All events listed above are open events, except for the Rookie Training Tournament. The Rookie Training Tournament is intended for people with no tournament experience, or people who have only participated in one or two tournaments and never made it out of the pools. Due to its limited space, we reserve the right to deny people access to this event if we feel they do not belong there. Please self-regulate. The Passage at Arms and Staff Invitational are both invitational tournaments, and are not available to be openly registered for.

There are 40 $160 Early Registration slots available. Once we hit 40 registrations (not counting staff registrations, of which there will be many over the next few days), the sale will end and the price will raise to its normal $205. If anyone has any problems with the store or registering, please let us know immediately. 

After the last year in the HEMA world, and especially the last six months, we expect the event to grow this year. Our space and time at the event has not grown as much as we expect our numbers to grow. In previous years, our tournament caps have not been too big of a deal. They might be this year. We will stay on top of updating everyone on the current caps, but be mindful.


Your four Workshops and Instructors this year are:

  • Mike Edelson - Longsword Body Mechanics
  • Bill Grandy - Skill Progression with the Messer or Single Handed Sword
  • Keith Jennings - Practical Combatives - Empty Hand and Modern Knife
  • Rob Runaces - The Sword and the Dagger of Early Modern France: Courtly play or blood in the gutter?

We have already collected about half of our Class instructors, of which we will have about 10 this year. The Cutting Class, which is available to register for in the store, is also returning again this year. Over the next few months, we will be announcing our Class instructors and their classes.


Every year, we manage to put together a list of staff to adequately run our event. Last year, we ran with 50-60 full and part time staff. Except for people who volunteered to, or the people we force to (like Mike Edelson), no one worked more than the amount of hours we told them they would work. We must now begin to put together this list for 2015. If you have experience judging or tabling tournaments, we are offering a 50% off coupon for base registration in exchange for working about 7-10 hours across the event. Please get in contact with us at [email protected]. It may take a few days to respond, but we will.

Join us in 2015 for another exciting event with your HEMA friends from across the world. 

~The Longpoint 2015 Crew