Ancient Art, Modern Steel


Yesterday, September 15th, Mac Bishop's video piece and accompanying article for The New York Times was published. Since then, the article has surfaced to the front page of Reddit, front page of Digg, has made, IO9, MTV, Polygon, local news affiliates have contacted us about the next event, and the views of the event's website have skyrocketed.

The Longpoint website is not structured to advertise for the rest of HEMA, but that's what this blog post is for. We welcome those of you who are seeing this for the first time! If you are interested in checking out a local group, this tool is kept reasonably up to date:

Longpoint is hosted by The xKDF Network and The HEMA Alliance. There are similar and equivalent groups throughout the world holding similar events. Longpoint itself was inspired by and partly modeled on a Swedish event that we all love, Swordfish. Most regions of North America now have events to attend, and it seems that every region of Europe has an event every few months. The HEMA Alliance resources can help you connect to these groups, even if they are not involved in HEMAA.

HEMA encompasses exponentially more material than the NYT article shows or Longpoint hosts. If you have an interest in any type of European fighting from history, there is probably material for it. Feel free to reach out!


The Longpoint Team