Ringen Tournament Update Post

Longpoint is just around the corner and there are a couple of changes to the Ringen competition for this year.  Below is a summary of changes and general notes about this year's Ringen competition:


1. Bill Grandy will be running the event this year.

Look to him for information on-site. Please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns prior to the event.

2. Rule change: Sacrifice throws when positioned behind your opponent will no longer be allowed. These techniques do not appear in any medieval wrestling source and eliminating them from the allowed techniques opens up opportunity to use many other techniques that do appear in the sources.

3. Rule Change: Advantage points have been added to determine the winner if the score is tied when the timer runs out. If fighters are tied in advantage points as well then they will fight in an overtime match. Advantage point will be awarded if a fighter is driven out of bounds, as a partial score for unclean actions, or as a penalty for minor rule infractions(ie illegal actions, stalling).


1. There will be two available weigh-in time for the event. The first will take place Thursday afternoon at 1600(just before the opening ceremony), and the second Saturday morning at 0800. Competitors only need to weigh in once and are recommended to do so Thursday afternoon. Saturday is available for those who arrive late to Longpoint, or need to cut weight to meet the requirements of their weight class.

2. Fighters are encouraged to use a purpose built Ringen jacket. Gambesons and fencing jackets will be allowed if needed, but with the increased availability of Ringen jackets we will phase out gambesons and fencing jackets for future competitions.

1. http://histfenc.com/productcart/jf-ringen- jacket

2. http://www.revivalclothing.com/medievalwrestlingjacket.aspx

3. http://boutique-historique.fr/94- vestes

3. The Heavy/Open weight class is open to all fighters, though priority will be given to those not already signed up for another weight class. If spaces are available fighters can wrestle in a lighter weight class, and then again in the Open.

Please email [email protected] for more information.