Longpoint 2017 Registration is Open!

Longpoint 2017 Registration is open! Click on over to the Registration page to sign up!

Pre-emptive FAQ

1. Are there limits on what I may sign up for?

Yes. Registrants may only sign up for one Longsword division, choosing between RTT, Women's, Open Tier A, or Open Tier B. Please see this blog post for requirements to enter each of these divisions. Additionally, registrants may not sign up for more than one Auxiliary tournament, which includes Rapier & Dagger, Sword & Buckler, Messer, and Singlestick. Cutting, Paired Technique, and Ringen do not have any restrictions beyond caps.

Please make sure that you add the tournament registrations to your cart that match what you select during the main registration form. When slots fill up, they are full. If you do not complete all parts of the registration, we may not be able to fix the issue.

2. Where do I go to get questions answered?

All Longpoint questions, comments, or complaints that need to be addressed should be sent to [email protected]. Many of you know the organizers personally, but please do not send these through any other means, including Facebook, texts, or personal emails. Items sent through other means are difficult to track and deal with. Email us.

3. I want to staff. How does staffing work?

A staffing section is included in the registration form. Complete it as appropriate.

Our staffing scheme will remain the same as last year. Staff will register as normal, and then be reimbursed $10/hour worked within two weeks after the event. This was very successful last year in accurately reimbursing people, and allows us to better select the staff that we can actually use where we need them.

4. I really want to go to Longpoint, but I can't afford to pay the registration fees up front. Do I have any options?

We still have the ability to offer discounts up front, but it comes with additional conditions and restrictions. Email [email protected].

5. When will rules and equipment standards be posted?

We will post draft rules, updated approved sword lists, and equipment standards by February 21st.  However, none of these will be significantly different than 2016's.

Please note that Singlestick will be a low-gear event. It will have a maximum allowed gear standard as well as a minimum.

6. What is the best way to reserve a room for the event?

Our Venue page contains all of the important information for our hotel, our training space, and travel arrangements. Hotel reservations may be made through the direct link online or by calling the hotel and asking for the Longpoint block.

. Help! The tournament I want is full!

Email [email protected] to ask to be put on the waiting list.