The Next Longpoint

It's 10 AM on Sunday morning. Longpoint rages on, with classes, free sparring, and distant friends catching up. You can feel the event  starting to wrap up, with people milling about waiting for classes to start or looking for sparring partners. Last night we experienced the largest and most intense finals we've seen here yet. Jake Norwood then awarded all of our medals, with the Triathlon--the event championship--awarded to Ties Kool, and spent time speaking about the goals of our little event. 

Our goals are based on fidelity to the sources, the practical, physical application of that fidelity in a high pressure environment, and on building and maintaining the family that is our community. We will be spending the next few months (as we have the last few) evaluating how we can continue to meet these goals as the family grows ever larger.

The next Longpoint is currently unscheduled, primarily because we needed to evaluate the new venue and the increased size of the event before planning the next one. Not having next year's date, particularly on Sunday morning, distresses us, as our excitement and drive to plan the next event is highest in the 48 hours after the awards dinner. Early 2018 is too close for us to handle, especially if the event continues to grow, or even if it simply remains the same size. Because we also want to  move the event to a date earlier in the year, we will be shooting for early spring 2019. We are excited to show you what we've been working on.

Thank you for either attending or following the event this year. 

~The Longpoint Crew