Longpoint 2019 Announcements and Registration Information

It's been over a year since the last Longpoint, and now we are five months away from the next one, bringing the planning team to that point where we can make some announcements, talk about how registration is going to work, and set a very quickly approaching date for said registration.


As usual, Longpoint will host a large set of classes. Those of you who submitted classes may hear from us over the next week or two, if you haven't already. From what Jake has told the planning team, the options this year are the most exciting and highest quality set of classes we've had offered to us yet. Choosing has been tough, and we're confident you'll feel the same way when you have to pick.

Meta Events

First, some bad news: Due to issues with finding a covered arena within a reasonable range of Turf Valley by this point, we cannot commit to offering a horsemanship competition. We have reconfigured our meta events to remove it. The good news is that we are continuing to look for a suitable location to host some horsey HEMA classes, which will be added at a later date.

Second, to allow people who may not be able to attend and compete in the event with a training partner, the Paired Technique event will be transitioning to something that does not require registering with a partner. Cory Winslow has drawn up a couple ideas and will be publishing a draft later. The goals will be the same as Paired Technique, and participants would train for the event in a very similar way, but the format of the competition will be different.

The new meta events are...

Longsword Triathlon - Longsword Blossfechten, Longsword Technique, Longsword Cutting

Messer Triathlon - Messer Blossfechten, Messer Cutting, Ringen

Man-at-Arms’ Triathlon - Passage at Arms, Longsword Cutting, Longsword Technique

Liechtenauer's Light Pentathlon - Longsword Blossfechten, Messerfechten, Longsword Cutting, Longsword Technique, Ringen

Liechtenauer's Heavy Pentathlon - Passage at Arms, Longsword Blossfechten, Longsword Cutting, Longsword Technique, Ringen


Registration this year will open by Meta Event. We are going to be opening registration for the events based on the events we would like to see populated first and our guesses of popularity. This means that the Pentathlon events will come first, on November 7th, followed by the Triathlon events that we think will see the lowest numbers of competitors.

We are approaching registration this way mainly to make sure that the events that we know are available to a lower amount of people, for various reasons, get filled up first. The events inside of each meta event are not separate entities. The people who are fighting Longsword Blossfechten within the Light Pentathlon, for instance, are going to be fighting the people in the Longsword Triathlon. Because of this, the number of people who register for each meta event directly affects the number of slots for every other meta event. This will have to be manually tracked and reconfigured over the course of the registration period.

We will be opening registration for each event on a specific day, with all previous registration options remaining available if there are still slots. The Longsword Triathlon, as the most popular event, will open last at Noon, US Eastern Time on Saturday, November 10th. Each other meta event will open individually over the 3 days leading up to the to the 10th.

The order of registration will be...

Liechtenauer's Heavy Pentathlon - Noon, Wednesday November 7th

Liechtenauer's Light Pentathlon - Noon, Wednesday November 7th

Man-at-Arms Triathlon - Noon, Thursday November 8th

Messer Triathlon - Noon, Friday November 9th,

Longsword Triathlon - Noon, Saturday November 10th

All times are US Eastern Time.

Each registrant will only be able to sign up for one meta event. There are no separate registrations for individual events (e.g., Longsword Blossfechten or Messer Cutting). Waiting List registrations for each event will be available from the registration as a "free" add-on to base registration once each event fills up. We will be requiring people who select any meta event that includes armor to send us a picture of them wearing their armor to be approved for safety.

More information will be available on the website by the time registration opens and on the registration item / forms. Please read and make sure you understand all of the information through the registration process. The best place to ask questions is our Facebook page.

See you in March 2019!

~The Longpoint Team