Registration Filling - Next Month's Plan

We expected a higher registration velocity this year than last year, but nothing like this. It's been three days, and we have 148 fighters registered before adding a majority of our normal staff and instructors. Open Steel, Women's Steel, the Rookie Training Tournament, and Cutting are full. Given that, here is some important information for those of you who have not yet registered:

  1. We are capping total registration for the event at 230 people. We had around this number last year, and we were just edging up to it feeling too crowded. We do not want it to feel too crowded, so we are not going to allow the event to grow any larger in this location.
  2. We have started putting together waiting lists for tournaments that are full. You must be registered for the event to claim the next spot on the waiting list. Anyone who is not registered and asks to be put on the waiting list will be bumped below people who are registered.  Email [email protected] to ask to be added to waiting lists for specific events.
  3. Open Steel Longsword is the key event to enter, if more slots open, if you want to be involved in the Triathlon. You will be allowed to enter Paired Technique and Cutting past their maximum capacity if entering the Triathlon.
  4. We will be spending the next month working on staffing solutions, our instructor list, our class schedule, and hammering out tournament timing. 
  5. We will be, if our staffing solutions allow for it, expanding tournaments before mid-February. If you have registered to be put on the waiting list and you still do not get in, you will know this before the end of the refund period.
  6. We have hinted at this on Facebook, but we have a larger location picked out for 2017, which will resolve our space and capacity issues.
  7. We are discussing the option of moving future registration open dates away from the holidays. Back in 2013, when we shifted to December, we figured it would function as a neat gift for HEMA Spouses to give to their fighters, or for people to pick up with post-holiday gift funds. If our registration doesn't last to and through Christmas, this idea is no longer valid.

Here's a link to the list of our current attendees and what they have registered for. We still have instructors and staff to invite, which will count against the total capacity of 230, so in reality we have less than the 80 slots left that it seems we have. We expect these to fill up surprising quick. Or maybe unsurprisingly quick at this point...

~Longpoint 2016 Crew