2016 Paired Technique: The Zornhau And Its Techniques

This will be the third year that the Paired Technique Competition has been a part of Longpoint. After each of the previous two competitions, the most frequent request we have received is for us to select one source or another for the following year, as there are many fencers who work entirely with specific sources and not with others. However, limiting the competition to a single source each year dissatisfies some groups while giving advantages to others. The entire purpose of the PTC is to encourage fencers to become familiar with the sources, to notice their similarities and differences, and to gain a better understanding of the Art and its development over time. Selecting just one source a year works towards this goal, but we feel that the process can be improved.

To this end, beginning in 2016, the PTC will now be focused on a single subject, involving a number of sources within the same or related traditions. We feel that by involving multiple sources more fencers will be satisfied with the variety of subject material, and a better understanding of the Art will be accomplished. The Kunst des Fechtens in the tradition of Grandmaster Johannes Liechtenauer has been the focus of the PTC since its inception, and will remain to be so in the foreseeable future. Sources have been selected from those whose translations are readily available on Wiktenauer.

For 2016, the subject of the PTC will be “The Zornhau and its techniques”. These are some of the foundational techniques of the KDF and highly important for every fencer to be familiar with who wishes to gain understanding of the Art. The source material is to be drawn from:

- Pseudo-Peter von Danzig Rome Version (Codex 44.A.8) & Salzburg Version of 1491 (MS M.I.29)

- Hans Medel (Codex I.6.2º.5)

- Paulus Hector Mair (MSS Dresd.C.93/C.94)