Rules Laboratory: Draft Rules for Fechtschule New York Longsword Up

Things are busy over here so this will be short.

The Draft Longpoint 2015 Longsword Rules are available here. These are the rules that will be tested at Fechtschule New York this weekend. We have also prepared a cheat sheet for Directors and Judges here.

These rules are very much still in draft format, so typos, etc., are to be expected. The format is a hybrid of what we saw in 2013 and 2014, with a few additional changes for ease of use, clarity, or to attempt to deal with artifacts that we feel have become common in competitive fencing over the last two years.

These rules are something of a departure from previous Rules Laboratory entries this year in that they do not use NHFL-style weighted afterblows. More discussion will follow Fechtschule New York, with the final rules published at least 30 days before Longpoint 2015 begins.


Jake & the Longpoint 2015 Crew