Ringen Tournament Training and Safety

In these final few days leading up to Longpoint registration, it may become easy to get lost in the flood of important information regarding changes for this coming year’s event. The meta-event format is a new and exciting way to demonstrate prowess with the weaponry of Liechtenauer’s Art, but in considering your preferred meta-event, please be aware that three of the five tracks include registration into the Ringen tournament. Those tracks are:

  • Messer Triathlon - Messer Blossfechten, Messer Cutting, Ringen

  • Liechtenauer’s Light Pentathlon - Longsword Blossfechten, Messerfechten, Longsword Cutting, Longsword Technique, Ringen

  • Liechtenauer’s Heavy Pentathlon - Passage at Arms, Longsword Blossfechten, Longsword Cutting, Longsword Technique, Ringen

Before registering for an event that includes Ringen please review the recommendation below to assess your preparedness for participating in a full contact wrestling competition. If you do not meet the recommendations to a level you are comfortable with, we strongly advise that you do not select a track that includes Ringen. Those who do not wish to participate in the Ringen tournament can register for the Longsword Triathlon or Man-at-Arms Triathlon. If you decide that you are prepared for the Ringen tournament, but then feel unsafe day of, you may forfeit each match individually in the ring.

To self-evaluate your readiness for the Ringen Tournament, please review the items below. An ideal candidate will be able to truthfully make the following statements:

  • I can maintain appropriate physical and emotional control to avoid acting in a way that would endanger myself or others while participating in a wrestling competition.

  • I am in good physical condition, without injury and illness that would affect the safety of myself or others.

  • I regularly train safe falling skills, and trust that I can reliably employ those skills in a competitive wrestling environment.

  • I am able to perform basic offensive and defensive wrestling techniques (e.g. trips, leg grabs, hip throws).

  • I regularly train a form of medieval wrestling and have recent experience wrestling an opponent at full speed and full resistance.

  • I will be familiar with the Longpoint Ringen Tournament rules and will read the updated 2018 ruleset when released.

Please understand that although proper precautions are taken, and all fighters are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that promotes safety, there is still significant risk of injury to participants who are not physically and mentally prepared for a wrestling competition.

Please feel free to reach out to Longpoint staff with any questions or concerns.

-Tim Hall, Ringen Tournament Manager