Announcing Our Instructors (So Far)!

Here is a list of the instructors who have accepted our invitation to teach one or more classes at Longpoint next year. We are still waiting for more responses, class descriptions will be released later, and we are asking some instructors to write blog posts for us to publish, so there is a lot more information to come!

2019 Instructors, in no particular order:

Arturo Camargo - Krigerskole, Mexico

Jack Gassmann - Goats Head, Ireland

Jake Norwood - Capital Kunst des Fechtens, New Jersey

Kimberleigh Roseblade - Academy of European Medieval Martial Arts, Canada

Michael Chidester - Wiktenauer, Massachussetts

Tea Kew - New Cross Historical Fencing, United Kingdom

Adam Franti - Lansing Longsword Guild, Michigan

Bill Grandy - Virginia Academy of Fencing, Virginia

Bob Charrette - Forteza Historical Swordwork Guild, Virginia

Cory Winslow - Medieval European Martial Arts Guild, Virginia

Jay Vail - Meyer Tallahassee, Florida

Keith Cotter-Reilly - Atlanta Freifechter, Georgia

Kit Smith - Sweden

Kristian Ruokonen - EHMS, Finland

Ties Kool - Historisch Vrijvechten Nederland, Netherlands

Michael Edelson - New York Historical Fencing Association, New York

Sean Franklin - Michigan

Tristan Zukowski - New York Historical Fencing Association, New York

Bart Jongsma - Historisch Vrijvechten Nederland, Netherlands

Nathan Clough - The Oakeshott Institute, Minnesota

Philippe Charlebois - Canada

Charles Lin - Capital Kunst des Fechtens, Washington DC

Jake Priddy - Fenris Kunst des Fechtens, West Virginia

James Reilly - Wisconsin Historical Fencing Association Kenosha-Racine, Wisconsin

Sigmund Werndorf - Los Angeles Historical Martial Arts Club, California

Stephen Cheney - Medieval European Martial Arts Guild Bucks, Pennsylvania

Travis Mayott - Maryland Kunst des Fechtens, Maryland

Bill Frisbee - New Hampshire Kunst des Fechtens, New Hampshire

Jason Cook - Exiles New England, Connecticut

Jay Tsulis - New York Historical Fencing Association, New York

Kiana Shurkin - XKDF, Maryland

Jessica Finley - Ritterkunst Fechtschule, Kansas